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Holiday Shop and Strolls


The holiday strolls in Albuquerque have a warm glow about them. They feature local shops, entertainment, free samples, and the chance to gather with family and friends. Both Nob Hill and Old Town have shops and restaurants enough to keep even the most avid mall shoppers happy.

Updated for 2013.

Nob Hill Shop and Stroll

Nob Hill abounds with restaurants, bars and local shops. And on December 1, it comes to life with the annual Shop and Stroll. The streets are closed off to traffic and entertainment lines the way. Stop in for a free sample, pick up a holiday present (or two) and take the free Albuquerque Trolley when your feet get tired.
When: December 7, noon to 10 p.m.

Old Town Holiday Stroll

The annual Old Town Holiday Stroll takes place the first Friday in December. The city's Christmas tree in San Luis Plaza gets lit, shoppers take to the streets--and shops--and entertainment happens all evening long. With luminarias to light the way, the Old Town stroll has become a local favorite. Festivities begin at 4 p.m.
When: December 6

Los Ranchos North Fourth Stop and Shop

The annual Holiday Stop & Shop in Los Ranchos welcomes shoppers with specials, refreshments and a chance to pick up a special holiday gift. Shop for furniture, antiques, art, food, New Mexican gifts, chocolate and more at this two day event. More than 30 businesses will participate.
When: December 7 and 8
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