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Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest


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Welcome to the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest
Chocolate Festival Sign

The 2011 banner.

© Aileen O'Catherine

The Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest is an annual spring event that began in 2011. It blasts away the effects of winter, warming attendees with the flavors of coffee and chocolate. The festival brings together chocolate and coffee lovers for a two day convention of all things chocolate and coffee. The festival has vendors, baking contests, cooking demos, eating contests, and many taste samples. Go to sample, shop, eat and slurp your way around the exhibit hall.

The festival runs March 22 and 23, 2014 at New Mexico Expo.

Saturday and Sunday general admission, $10
Saturday and Sunday seniors (60+) and students, $8
Children 12 and under are free.
Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.
Parking is not included. Parking at Expo is $5 per car load.


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