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Public Transportation to Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Find Out About Park and Ride, Bike Valet and Tours


Public Transportation to Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Courtesy Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

While the long-standing mode of transportation to the Balloon Fiesta is by car, the wait times and lines for parking are long. Public transportation makes getting to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta much easier. Consider taking the Park & Ride shuttle or climb on your bike for the free bike valet service. There are several spectacular tour options as well.

Park and Ride by Shuttle Bus
There will be several places throughout Albuquerque to park your car and ride to the Balloon Fiesta, all within plenty of time to see the balloons rise. The Park and Ride option includes the bus ride to and from the Balloon Fiesta Park as well as admission to the Fiesta.
When: Entire Fiesta, with the exception of Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning sessions.
Weekdays: Buses begin at 5 a.m., with the last bus leaving the remote parks at 7 a.m.
Weekends: Buses begin from lots at 4:30 a.m., with the last bus leaving at 7 a.m.

Hoffmantown Church, 8888 Harper NE, park in NE lot only.
Cliff's Amusement Park, 4800 Osuna NE, near San Mateo and I-25.
Coronado Mall, 6600 Menaul NE; park in SW corner near San Pedro.

Intel, Highway 528, Rio Rancho; park in southern parking lot. Enter the lot at either Westside Blvd. or 21st Street, follow the signs.
Lowe's Lot at Unser Crossing, southwest corner of Central SW and Unser SW.

In Advance, online option, valid before midnight for morning sessions or noon for afternoon sessions:
Includes Park and Ride shuttle and admission to the Balloon Fiesta:
Adults, (13-61), $12
Seniors, (62+), $10
Children, (6-12), $6
Children 5 and under have free admission and ride.

Day of ride/same day purchase at Park and Ride locations, valid before midnight for morning sessions or noon for afternoon sessions:
Includes Park and Ride shuttle and admission to the Balloon Fiesta:
Adults and Seniors (13 and up), $20
Children, (6-12), $10
Children 5 and under have free admission and ride.
Please note: Park and Ride services will not be available on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning sessions. Parking in the lots should be plentiful.

Ticket Information

Purchase tickets online
In the Balloon Fiesta gift shop
At Park and Ride remote lots.
At remote lots, credit cards only; no cash.
To purchase tickets with cash, use the Balloon Fiesta gift shop, 4401 Alameda NE. Call (505) 821-1000 for more information.

Balloon Fiesta is a weather permitting event. There are no refunds. However, keep your ticket as a rain check in case the individual event is cancelled by AIBF, Inc. because of weather.
International ticket purchases can be handled by calling 1-877-569-7767.

Biking is an Option!
If you enjoy biking, then take advantage of the city's many bike trails to get to this year's Fiesta. The Balloon Fiesta will provide a free bicycle valet service during the nine days of the event.

A bike trail runs along the AMAFCA North Diversion Channel, crossing under Paseo del Norte and Alameda Boulevard. It continues north, crossing from the west to the east, and ends just north of the Balloon Museum. The bike valet parking station will be located at that point. 

Consider the bike valet service as a kind of coat check for cyclists. What could be better? No driving or parking hassles, no taking the bus, and a healthy bit of exercise. This is a true green alternative.

Morning sessions for the bike valet station are from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.; evening sessions run from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Bikes not picked up from the valet service area will be removed and stored and owners will have to call (505) 821-1000 and arrange to pick the bike up.

For your safety, remember that part of the ride will take place in the dark. Be sure to wear a helmet, and that your bike is fully outfitted with headlights, taillights and rear reflectors.

Rail Runner
The Rail Runner will be running its regular schedule, but there will be NO connecting bus service to the Balloon Fiesta. It's possible to take the train to Sandia Station if you have a ride from there.

Paid Tours to the Balloon Fiesta
The fiesta has several alternate ways to get to the festivities. Hop on a trolley for an evening tour, or take a bike in to watch, getting in a bit of exercise. Either way, they offer a tour as well as other special amenities.

ABQ Trolley Glow
The ABQ Trolley has given visitors tours of special places and now adds the Balloon Fiesta to its lineup. Take the trolley to the fiesta's evening events. The interactive tour includes a lot, and you won't have to deal with traffic. Tours depart at 5 p.m.
The Trolley Glow brings you to the fiesta on evenings of balloon glows. The tour is available October 6, 7, 11, 12 and 13.
Tour includes:

  • Round trip transportation on a custom open-air trolley from downtown Albuquerque to Balloon Fiesta Park
  • Your guide will be a Burqueño
  • Includes access to the Chaser's Club, a $25 value
  • Balloon Fiesta admission
  • Transportation route has little traffic
    Cost: $50. Purchase tickets online.

    Routes, Rentals and Tours Balloon Fiesta Bike Tour
    Local bike rental company Routes, Rentals and Tours provides bike tours to the Fiesta. The special bike tour includes:

  • A leisurely and scenic 20 minute bicycle ride to Balloon Fiesta Park
  • Balloon Fiesta admission
  • Admission to the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum, located at the south end of the launch area
  • A hot breakfast
  • A commemorative and collectable Balloon Fiesta scarf
  • A pair of hand warmer packets to take the chill off
    Cost: $45 per person. Valet bike parking is free.


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