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Best Sightseeing Tours in Albuquerque


Best Sightseeing Tours in Albuquerque
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Albuquerque sightseeing tours give visitors the chance to explore the city while learning interesting facts and stories about the local area. Sightseers have a good choice of tours, which include walking tours, ghost tours, pedicab tours and even tours on tandem bicycles. Here are some of the best sightseeing tours to be found in Albuquerque:

ABQ Trolley Co.
Every April through October 31, the ABQ Trolley rolls out for sightseeing tours of some of the city's most famous and quirky sights. The open air trolley rolls through town while its two guides provides insights, stories and a great time. Find out where movies and television shows are filmed, where to eat red and green (chile, that is), how to do the Lobo howl, and more. Enjoy wine tours, food tours, brewery tours, Route 66 sign tours and more. ABQ Trolley Tours are pet friendly.

Blue Dog Stand Up Paddle Surfing
Try paddling the Rio Grande on a stand up surfboard! You'll see the city from the river and have fun while doing it, all while getting in some exercise.

Old Town Pedicab Tours
Mike Whitney offers private, historic pedicab tours of Old Town. Book a tour for when the weather is nice, for 1-3 people. Contact Mike at (505) 712-1225.

Old Town Walking Tours
From mid-March through mid-December, the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History offers walking tours of Old Town several days a week. The museum also has tours of its sculpture garden. The Albuquerque Museum is located directly adjacent to Old Town.

Paddling Tours
Outdoor adventurers will love sightseeing from the seat of a kayak or canoe. Paddle the Rio Grande, and relax while getting to know the birds and creatures who live along the way. The scenic Sandias are the backdrop to this relaxing and fun tour. Don't rule this one out if you don't have a car; they can pick you up from the Rail Runner station if you take the train.

Bike Tours
Routes, Rentals & Tours offers guided tours and self-guided tours from the seat of a bike. They'll provide the information, maps and insights into some of the city's most popular sites, including Old Town and the river trail. Don't miss the special seasonal tours to Balloon Fiesta and to see the luminarias at holiday time. See the city as the locals do. Trailers are available for young children.

Segway Tours
Albuquerque has great weather and the Segways are a great way to take advantage of our warmth and sunshine. Book a tour to see Old Town or the downtown area and spend a few hours seeing Albuquerque at a leisurely pace. The family friendly tour is a great introduction to the city.

Tours of Old Town
Experience a walking tour through Old Town, one of the oldest and most historic areas of the city. Tours take place day or night, and special tours include moonlight tours and ghost tours. You'll learn about the legends and lore of Albuquerque.

New Mexico Jeep Tours
For those who like a bit of adventure, take a jeep tour and see some of the spectacular landscape around both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Learn about the history and culture of some unique sites.

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