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Mothers Day in Albuquerque

Find Mom Something Special


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Mother's Day is May 11, 2014, the second Sunday in May. Celebrate the day with something special for Mom or Grandmom to let her know how much she means to you. Albuquerque has a variety of ways to show her how much you care, so find one and get started celebrating this special day with someone special to you.


Mother's Day Brunch

Consider taking mom out this year; after all, she cooks for you all year. Brunch specials are offered all over the Albuquerque area and range from casual to formal, and costs vary greatly as well. Be sure to make reservations to ensure your table, ask about the level of attire, parking, and if beverages are included in the price.


A Special Day for Mom

Pamper her, take her shopping, take her on an artist studio tour. Take her to the zoo for a picnic lunch or head out with her on a hike. Find the very thing for Mother's Day by looking here to find out what's happening around town and how you can give her that extra special treatment she deserves.


Pamper Her with a Spa Package

Albuquerque has spas that will treat Mom to a hot stone massage, pedicure, facial, whatever might pamper her best. Find a spa treatment package that will give her the gift she probably needs most: a bit of relaxation.


Treat Mom to Chocolate

This mom can attest to the benefits of chocolate. It soothes, it satisfies, and it reminds us that life can be delicious. Find a shop that offers exactly what you need in sweets this Mother's Day.

Bouquets of Flowers

Flowers add a special touch to any day, but some families consider them an essential for Mother's Day. One of my favorite places for fresh flowers is Trader Joe's. Other local spots besides flower shops where bouquets and single flowers are abundant are Whole Foods Market and Costco. And the flowers at La Montanita Co-op are pesticide free and carry the Fair Trade label.

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