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Rozie the Elephant Had a Baby Girl

Newest Zoo Baby


The Albuquerque Zoo offers so many activities besides visiting the animals. If possible, plan on spending the better part of the day there.
Rozie the Elephant Had a Baby Girl
Courtesy of Albuquerque BioPark
An Asian elephant, 16 year old Rozie, gave birth to a baby girl September 2, 2009. The newborn weighed 318 pounds and was in gestation for 22 months. [p] Rozie herself was born at the zoo in 1992. The International Union of Conservation Nations classifies elephants as endangered animals, and the Albuquerque Zoo is part of a worldwide conservation effort to help captive elephants reproduce. The Albuquerque Zoo is a designated Elephant Breeding Facility, and the new baby calf is an important part of the North American population. [p] The Zoo has had a good number of births in the past few years. The baby elephant joins snow leopards, giraffes and hippos at the zoo's "nursery."
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