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Albuquerque Marigold Parade and Festival

Day of the Dead, Danse Macabre and More


Although it sounds as though it might be a somber affair, Day of the Dead is anything but. The Albuquerque Marigold Parade celebrates the dead by having the living gather for music, dance, food, art and visiting with family and friends.

There are altars, or ofrendas, built in memory of those who have passed away, covered in flowers, often marigolds, and decorated with skulls and other calavera art. Once the parade is over, the festival begins, and there are few parties in Albuquerque that match the happy revelry of this annual event.
The 2013 parade takes place Sunday, November 3, beginning at 2 p.m.
The parade starts at Centro Familiar and Isleta, and ends at the Westside Community Center, 1250 Isleta SW.

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Calavera SkullDia ParadegoersMusician TrioAztec Dancers
Calavera Puppet ChildCalavera Bike RiderCalavera CatEmperor of the Dance
The Danse MacabreCalavera CostumesCalavera Tuba PlayerDance Macabre Band
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