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Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque Old Town


The Rattlesnake Museum in Albuquerque Old Town features a large collection of rattlesnakes, from live creatures to specialty snake collections. There are more different species of live rattlesnakes at this museum than can be found anywhere in the world. Find out about the snakes of the Americas, in carefully constructed habitats that mimic their homes in the wild. Explore the myths and truths of this enigmatic and always interesting creatures at this unique animal conservation museum.
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Rattlesnake Museum TortoisesTortoises Greet VisitorsRattlesnake Museum DoorWelcome to the Rattlesnake MuseumRattlesnake Museum SlitherMake Like a SnakeRattlesnake Museum SkullsSkulls of Many Shapes and Sizes
Rattlesnake at Rattlesnake MuseumWestern Diamondback RattlesnakeRattlesnake Museum Kachinas with SnakesKachinas with SnakesRattlesnake Museum License PlatesLicense Plates with a Snake ThemeRattlesnake Museum Albino SnakeA Unique Albino
Rattlesnake Museum GiftsGifts With a Snake Theme
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