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Albuquerque River of Lights Photo Tour

See Snowmen, Animals, Flowers and More at the 2009 River of Lights


Nowhere is the spirit of the season more evident than at the River of Lights, where snowmen live in their own small world, and lights throughout the Botanic Gardens come to life as oversized bees, flies, butterflies and more. See yellow submarines, scuttling scorpions, and watch Pegasus take wing. It's the 12th River of Lights, where every year brings new displays, which just keep getting better.
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Frosty Greets Everyone at the DoorA Snowman Says Hello From Inside the GateSnowman Land HouseMiniature Greetings of the Season
Red Truck DisplayMusic of the NightBees and Beehive Watering of Lights
Carrots All AglowPegasus the Flying HorseSplashing SealsHeron Along the Pond
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