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Casa Grande Trading Post


Casa Sign
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

Why Go:

It's enjoyable to see old pieces, from coffee grinders to pianos to stoves, and imagine their past. From everyday objects to the more esoteric, the sense of history and place at Casa Grande make this a fun and funky destination. Anyone who enjoys history or collects old treasures will enjoy a visit.

Getting There:

17 Waldo Street
Cerrillos, NM 87010
(505) 438-3008
From Albuquerque, take I-40 east to the Cedar Crest exit (175), then follow 14 North. Take a left into the town of Cerrillos (west) and follow the signs to Casa Grande.

What You'll Find:

What Nots and Old Objects
Turquoise Museum
Petting Zoo


Entry to the trading post is free, but there is a charge for entry to the mining museum. Cost is $2 per person, or $5 for a group of three. The petting zoo is no charge, but there is a fee for a bag of food.

Casa Grande Trading Post:

The Casa Grande Trading Post in Cerrillos, New Mexico offers a mix of shopping and history. It also provides a great destination for a day trip out of Albuquerque along the Turquoise Trail. A National Scenic Byway, the Turquoise Trail runs between Tijeras and San Marcos, just outside Santa Fe, each town featuring galleries, shops, and history that make them well worth a visit> Each town is a worthwhile destination for a day trip from Albuquerque.

The Casa Grande Trading Post is located in the historic village of Cerrillos, west of 14 and north of Madrid, another great day trip destination. Casa Grande contains a turquoise museum, petting zoo, and merchandise that includes old objects such as horseshoes, doorknobs and bottles. There are plenty of rocks and minerals for sale for the rockhound in the family.

  • Trading Post
    The trading post is within an adobe building and features gifts, old bottles and antiques. Merchandise is varied and some of it is unusual, such as the hubcap art. Other items include local history chapbooks, dreamcatchers, baskets, Santo Domingo pottery, and even horseshoes. One table had a variety of old doorknobs, light fixtures, hardware and an eclectic assortment of old objects.

  • Turquoise Museum
    The mining museum has old maps, turquoise displays, dioramas, a rock collection and area antiques. New Mexico minerals samples are available. The turquoise was mined at the Little Chalchihuitl Turquoise Mine in the Cerrillos area. Turquoise varies in color from blues to greens, and the turquoise at the shop has a lot of green from a higher iron content.

  • Petting Zoo
    The petting zoo has more than 20 animals, though only the goats and llama are available for petting. Pigeons are kept in an aviary and chickens in a coop by the main corral, and are easy to see. The day we visited, there were fancy bantams, or very small chickens, running about. The goats and llama are friendly, and feed can be purchased in the store for a modest charge. The zoo is a great place to take the kids. Near the zoo, outside the shop, there is a viewing area that overlooks the mesa to the west. View pipes are set up with spots labeled in several directions, making this scenic overlook a great place to get your geographic bearings.

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