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Ghosts in Albuquerque, New Mexico


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Encountering Negative Spirits
Ghosts of Colorado

Colorado Ghost Stories by Antonio R. Garcez

Photo © Antonio R. Garcez
Some spirits in people's houses may be friendly. Are there negative spirits that one could encounter, and what would one do if they did?
It depends on their viewpoint, whether they believe in such things or not, and what their religious or spiritual background is. That dictates which direction they’ll go, and what their mental state is, of course. There’s a lot of factors to take into account. Some people live quite easily with such things that take place in their homes. Others definitely do not. There's a whole spectrum of how people individually react to such things. But you’ll get some people who as I’ve said conveniently live with such things, and those who won’t, or refuse to. And the ones who won’t, well, there are ways to banish such manifestations.

Can you talk a little bit about that?
They’ll use such things as smudge sticks, or call in the priest in situations like that. Or in their own ways, pray the rosary, or pray whatever prayer to whatever deity they have, or know of. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t.

So if someone may need help in banishing such spirits, how can they protect themselves from charlatans who say they can help?
Education, informing themselves. Reading. You can more or less judge someone by their cover in this case. If they say, "Oh, I know what to do exactly" and they’re very eager to do that, and on the other hand, extend their hand for something (money), then I would definitely have a lot of misgivings about using that person. And the ones that advertise in the Yellow Pages, etc., there’s quite a bit of charlatanism. They’re wanting to prey on those emotionally weak or vulnerable. So whatever your inner voice is telling you, I would listen to that, your gut, and go that route.

On your website you have some pictures of people trying to capture the energy force of spirits on film.
They’re called spiritual orbs, where things have taken place, sometimes not so positive. In certain rooms of the home, or in some cases, it (spirit) might actually be attached to a piece of furniture. People send me their submissions or photographs that they’ve taken from all over the United States, and I’ve posted some of them on my website.

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