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Twinkle Light Parade in Albuquerque


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Welcome to the Twinkle Light Parade
Twinkle Light Parade in Albuquerque
© Aileen O'Catherine
Put on your warm coats and gather your mittens and scarves. It's time for the annual Twinkle Light Parade, an Albuquerque holiday tradition. The 2009 parade's theme was "Red or Green," echoing the state question about chile asked at restaurants serving New Mexican food. But for the parade, red and green lights dominated the parade.

The Twinkle Light Parade is open to anyone and managed by the City of Albuquerque. Many neighborhood associations enter a float, as do businesses, clubs and groups representing everything from karate kids to cheerleading. Everyone wants in on the fun.

In this case, festive is a dish best served cold.

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