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Albuquerque Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving Food and Fun in Albuquerque


Albuquerque Thanksgiving traditions include the Twinkle Light Parade, the River of Lights, delicious home cooked meals, and those after Thanksgiving Black Friday sales.

Thanksgiving Dining

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Sometimes cooking just isn't on the menu. Find out where to eat out on Thanksgiving Day, and where to get takeout if staying at home is what you want but cooking isn't. There are also buffet and brunch options available, from down home cooking to the elegantly sublime.

Thanksgiving Takeout

Maybe you have to work Thanksgiving Day, or just need that extra bit of help. Not to worry, because there are lots of takeout options in Albuquerque. Buy the side dishes, get the entire meal to go, or just pick up a pre-cooked bird. Mix and match your needs to possibilities.

Turkey Trots

It isn't often you get two for one. Turkey trots combine outdoor fitness with charitable causes, making for a win-win all the way. You've got to burn the holiday calories somewhere.

Black Friday Sales

Some shoppers are so serious, they get out with their lists and hit the road the day after Thanksgiving...or even the day of. If the discounts and sales available the day after Thanksgiving, or the following Monday, Cyber Monday, appeal to your shopping style, then start with some of these strategies.

Black Friday Store Hours

Stores open earlier each year for the post Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. Midnight was once the earliest time store doors opened post Thanksgiving, but now 10 p.m. has made the list. Find electronics, clothing, video games and more at these local stores and national chains in the Albuquerque area.
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