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Easter Activities in Albuquerque

Egg Hunts, Brunches and More


Easter wouldn't be Easter without an egg hunt. Find an Albuquerque Easter celebration here, or look for other ways to celebrate the arrival of spring with a special Easter brunch or a picture or train ride with the Easter Bunny. Here is your Easter planner for the greater Albuquerque area.

1. Easter Celebrations, Egg Hunts and More

By Aileen O'Catherine
Find a special event that will help you enjoy the Easter holiday, with Easter egg hunts, Easter bunny train rides, and more.

2. Easter Brunches

Find out which Albuquerque restaurants offer Easter brunch, from casual to elegant. Whether dining post-church or just looking for something special, an Easter brunch may be just what's needed. Champagne brunches are more costly, and none of the listed prices include tax, beverage or tip.

3. Find Easter Chocolate

Chocolate for Easter can mean bunnies, eggs, jelly beans and malted balls colored like robin's eggs. Whatever you're looking for, find it at an Albuquerque chocolate shop.
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