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Great Places to Host a Kids Birthday Party in the Albuquerque Area


Looking for a fun birthday party spot for your child in the Albuquerque area? There are lots of options for kids of any age and many interests. There are golf parties, parties with inflatable jumpers, roller skating parties, lazer tag, there's something that will appeal to the birthday child. Many venues offer party packages that take the work out of the day for parents.

1. ABQ Party Space

Children blowing noisemakers at birthday party
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ABQ PartySpace offers two to three hour parties for kids and space for up to 100 guests. Binky the Clown, hip hop dance lessons, a glow in the dark party and a rental jumper house are add on options.

2. Albuquerque BioPark

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The BioPark offers the option of a catered party or a do it yourself affair. Catered parties can take place at either the Aquarium or Zoo. The Zoo has two packages available, with admission for children included in the price; adult admissions sold separately. The Shark Reef Cafe at the Aquarium has a special menu for a birthday meal. Do it yourself parties can take place during regular business hours in areas that lend themselves to picnics. The Botanic Garden's Festival Green, the Aquarium's plaza and the grassy areas at the Zoo or Tingley Beach all lend themselves to picnic parties.

3. Archery Party

Children ages 8 and up can reserve a party at an indoor archery range. The package is good for 1.5 hours for up to eight kids; adults shoot for free. The first 15 minutes covers shooting safety. Get outfitted with a bow and arrow and learn how to shoot.

4. Art Party

The OffCenter for the Arts is dedicated to making art. So if you have a creative kid, you might want to have an art party in their studio, where the birthday child and friends can get messy. Rent the OFFCenter space and make great art. Call 505-247-1172.

5. Bowling Birthday Party

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Bowling parties are fun for all ages. Bowling lanes offer different levels of party packages that include food, soda, and bowling for a set amount of time. Some lanes have party facilities in addition to lane time. See Bowling Alleys in the Albuquerque Area.

6. Build-a-Bear Workshop Party

At a Build-a-Bear birthday party, children create a stuffed animal which they take home as a party favor. You set the price on how much can be spent. The party package includes a take home photo, invitations and thank you cards and virtual party perks. A party leader helps you plan the party and keeps the kids entertained. Build a Bear in Albuquerque is at Cottonwood Mall.

7. Cliff's Amusement Park Party

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Cliff's is a kid paradise, with rides, games, and in the summer, splash pool fun. The Birthday Pavilion is available on a first-come, first-served basis during normal hours. If your group is larger than 15 or more riders, bringing in outside food and drink is allowed. Groups this large receive a ticket pass discount. Cliff's is open weekends beginning in April late August, and daily through the summer vacation weeks. Take a photo tour of Cliff's Amusement Park.

8. Explora Science Party

Explora Rube Goldberg Device
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Explora has two levels of party packages for the birthday kid. Different themes are available that cater to the 2 - 5 year old, the 6 - 12 year old and for kids over 13. Kids enjoy the party while learning about the properties of liquids and solids, bugs, kaleidoscopes, shadows and other areas of science.

9. Fencing Birthday Party

Duke City Fencing has Fence for Fun parties that can be set up on most weekends. The package includes time on the floor learning how to fence with family and friends, followed by a party for the birthday kid.

10. Game Truck Video Party

The Game Truck is convenient in that it comes to your house and runs the party out of the game truck. The truck contains dozens of video games, several flat screen HDTVs, and all three game consoles (Wii, PlayStation, Xbox). Kids can play in teams or play different games at the same time. The GameCoach is on hand to run the event for you, and the Event Manager helps plan the party.
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