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Albuquerque Photos


Albuquerque is a beautiful city flanked by majestic mountains and far reaching mesa plateaus, a great architectural mix of traditional and the new, and plenty of green spaces. Explore our collection of photos to see some of Albuquerque's well known tourist attractions, festivals, events and landmarks.
  1. Annual Events Photos
  2. Specialty Events in Pictures
  3. Photos of Albuquerque Area Attractions
  4. Albuquerque Neighborhoods

Annual Events Photos

Balloon Pig at Balloon Fiesta

Each month brings something special to Albuquerque. See what it might be like to attend one of our local events.

Specialty Events in Pictures

Some events happen during special occasions, or are specialty venues you might attend. See what they're like in pictures.

Photos of Albuquerque Area Attractions

Albuquerque has many wonderful tourist attractions to satisfy both locals and visitors to New Mexico.

Albuquerque Neighborhoods

Albuquerque has an eclectic mix of neighborhoods, from the quaint old time feel of Old Town to the modern refurbished Downtown. Take a tour of some of the neighborhoods that give Albuquerque its distinctive style.

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