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Connect with business opportunities and job resources in Albuquerque. Includes links to the film industry and new developments, such as Mesa del Sol.

Albuquerque Teens Find Summer Positions
Overviews where teens can volunteer for positions at the cultural institutions of Albuquerque, and where to apply for paid positions with the city's help.

Websites for Finding Albuquerque Jobs
When hunting for employment, job seekers can find permanent or temporary work in Albuquerque with a few well thought out searches. Websites can help with tips on dusting off resumes, show which job fields are most sought after, or even how to apply for unemployment insurance.

Get Hired as an Extra in Films
Whether looking for work in the acting profession or while waiting for the perfect job, Albuquerque's booming film industry offers opportunities for those who want to be extras in movies.

New Mexico Business Weekly
The New Mexico Business Weekly carries news on local and national trends, events and stories related to jobs and the economy.

Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance
The Albuquerque Independent Business Alliance works with businesses, non profits and arts groups to get the word out about the importance of going local.

Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce
With over 5,000 members and resources for everything from small business start up to home business networking, the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce has information for anyone who conducts business in the area.

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