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Two Fools Tavern in Albuquerque Nob Hill

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Two Fools Tavern in Albuquerque Nob Hill

Two Fools Tavern

Aileen O'Catherine

The Bottom Line

Two Fools Tavern in Albuquerque Nob Hill provides a welcome taste of Ireland. From brews to pub grub to an intimate pub atmosphere, Two Fools delivers.


  • Irish pub atmosphere
  • Delicious pub grub
  • Authentic Irish ales, brews and whiskey
  • Family friendly


  • Arrive early on busy weekends or be prepared to wait
  • Can be noisy
  • Parking can be problematic


  • Two Fools Tavern has been a Nob Hill establishment since 2006.
  • Long, wooden bar with mirror, round tables with stools, comfortable booths, framed pictures, create an Irish pub feel.
  • The food strives to replicate Irish pub grub.
  • Live Celtic music entertains every Sunday afternoon.
  • As in Ireland, the art of the pour is taken seriously here.
  • Sunday brunch from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with a family atmosphere.

Guide Review - Two Fools Tavern in Albuquerque Nob Hill

Two Fools Tavern was created with the intention of bringing a real Irish pub to Albuquerque. Having spent a bit of time on the Emerald Isle, I was skeptical. I needn't have worried. Two Fools has the look and feel of an Irish pub found on a country road or downtown Dublin, and its menu offers up some authentic Irish favorites.

Of the two items my companion and I ordered, the Portabello mushroom sandwich (7.50) and the Fish and Chips (11.95), both were delicious. The Portabello sandwich had sliced, grilled mushrooms layered between fresh spinach, swiss cheese and toasted sourdough bread. The first bite was a smoky surprise, flavorful and delicious. The rest was quickly devoured. The Two Fools fish and chips came with two large pieces of haddock and a yummy homemade apple cole slaw. Both dinners had large portions and sides of fries (chips).

The menu teased with real Irish fare, so we'll return to try the Boxty, the bangers and mash, and the all day Irish breakfast. Traditional and less known Irish dishes peppered the menu.

While I wasn't there for the beer, my companion was. He had the Two Fools house cider and a Tennents, the tap special, both of which were good. The Tennents was tepid, just the right temperature.

If dinner isn't what you're looking for, the pub is perfect for pulling down a Guinness, talking with friends, or watching the game on one of the TVs. But lads and lassies, get over to Two Fools if you're wanting a bit of the Irish in Albuquerque, because you'll find it there.

Prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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