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Breakfast in Albuquerque

When it Comes to Breakfast, Albuquerque Doesn't Have to Scramble


The number of Albuquerque breakfast restaurants is large, and this list is by no means comprehensive. They each offer a unique take on that first meal of the day, whether specializing in red chile, muffins or great huevos rancheros. They are all quintessentially Albuquerque, though, and worth their eggs and bacon.

Barelas Coffee Shop

The Barelas Coffee House is a famous Albuquerque spot for breakfast and lunch. Along the historic Camino Real in the historic Barelas neighborhood, it is close to the National Hispanic Cultural Center and downtown.


Duran's Central Pharmacy

Durans Tortillas
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

Duran's Pharmacy has a restaurant tucked away at the back of the store. Its home style food makes it a favorite with locals.

Flying Star Cafes

Flying Star Downtown
Photo Courtesy Flying Star

The Flying Star has expanded from one small restaurant started in Nob Hill in 1986 to a local chain that has spun off coffee shops. Try the Flying Star for larger meals or Satellite Coffee for a smaller selection of premade items.

Frontier Restaurant

Frontier Exterior
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

Everything about the Frontier is classic Albuquerque, from the many southwestern paintings on the walls to the fresh chile. Try them for their atmosphere and a good meal at a decent price.

Jimmy's Cafe

Jimmys Cafe
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

There are more Jimmys on the walls than you ever knew existed. Whether it's James T. Kirk or Jimmy Cagney, you'll enjoy eating breakfast under their watchful gaze.

Just Muffin Around

Just Muffin Around Bakery and Cafe
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

Try a muffin with whatever you're having. Open for breakfast or lunch, Just Muffin Around has become a popular northeast heights eatery.

Millie's Restaurants

Millies Breakfast
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

Millie's feels like a coffee shop and its large portions and reasonable prices keep it busy.

Range Cafes

Range Cafe
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

Lots of food, and the quality and taste are a cut above average. The Range has a fun and kitchy atmosphere and exceptional baked goods. Look for the old stoves and ranges, some of them toys.

Wolfe's Bagels

Wolfes Bagels
Photo © Aileen O'Catherine

Sometimes all you want is a bagel. Wolfe's has a large variety of flavors, and different flavored shmears. Mix and match, and enjoy their good coffee.

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