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Lindy's Restaurant

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Lindy's Restaurant
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The Bottom Line

Lindy's offers a full range of menu options as well as beer and wine. From its lunch counter to its Route 66 feel, Lindy's is a comfortable piece of the past serving up a good menu from the present.


  • Old Route 66 Decor
  • Friendly Staff
  • Greek dishes as well as diner food
  • Beer and wine license
  • Kids love it


  • Parking can be a problem on busy days


  • 500 Central SW
    (505) 242-2582
  • 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Sunday - Thursday
    7 a.m. - 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday
  • Lindy's offers American diner food as well as Mediterranean dishes. They are open late weekend nights.
  • Lindy's opened in 1929 as the Coney Island Cafe and was known for its Coney Island hot dogs topped with chile.
  • The restaurant offers booths, a long lunch counter with stools, and a back room that is more like a restaurant.
  • American comfort food, large sandwiches, and breakfast at any hour.

Guide Review - Lindy's Restaurant

Lindy's is an easy restaurant in many ways. It offers a full range of fast, affordable food, and breakfast at any hour. A large group with different tastes can order up standard New Mexican fare, or a classic cheeseburger or hot dog with fries. Kid food abounds, and there are some vegetarian dishes as well as Greek food. There's something for everyone at Lindy's, a downtown institution.

Open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I've visited Lindy's for breakfast and lunch on numerous stops downtown. Breakfast comes with eggs cooked exactly as ordered, and the food, while not haute cuisine, is good. Lunch choices vary from hot plates with meatloaf and mashed potatoes to large sandwiches with pickles and fries. Everything is good.

On a recent breakfast visit, I ordered the #2, Eggs 'n Taters (5.25), which came with two eggs, potatoes, and toast or pancakes. The eggs were done to perfection, the waitress was spot on in terms of smiles and service, and the pancakes were good. There are also some classic western breakfasts, which are heavy on the meats, such as the Pileup (7.25), which comes with eggs, potatoes, beans, bacon, green chile and cheese, and the Cowboy breakfast (7.25), which comes with chicken-fried steak, chile, cheese, eggs, beans, potatoes, and tortilla or toast. You'd pretty much have to be a cowboy to eat all that.

But breakfast isn't all there is at Lindy's, which offers lunch platters and sandwiches, as well as the classic 1929 Coney Island Dog (4.95), which is what they opened with as a specialty 80 years ago. Dinner options include Steve's Meatloaf (7.95), which has the classic mashed potatoes and veggie side, nestled up against, you guessed it, meatloaf. They also have less ordinary dishes, such as Rainbow Trout (8.95). To help it all go down, there is draft or bottled beer, wine and a full espresso bar.

Lindy's has kept up with downtown's present needs, staying open late on weekend nights to accommodate the bar scene, but it has a foot in the past as well--a very large one. When Central Avenue was part of the Route 66 travel road, Lindy's became a popular stopoff place. The lunch counter and booths are remnants of those days, and the decor, which ranges from old fashioned tin signs to real street signs, hearkens back to the automobile's heyday.

For all its history, Lindy's remains a humble cafe thankful for its roots. Its waitstaff provides fast and friendly service, and the owner appreciates the occasional famous visitor. He is in pictures that hang on the restaurant's walls, standing side by side with the likes of Dennis Hopper, and Julianna Margulies.

Going to Lindy's is a bit like eating at home. The food is fast, comfortable, and extremely affordable. Most dishes are in the $5 - $10 range. It's a comfortable place offering comfortable food in an atmosphere all its own.

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