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Millie's, an Albuquerque Restaurant

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Millie's, an Albuquerque Restaurant
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The Bottom Line

Millie's is close to Balloon Fiesta Park and offers options for breakfast or lunch. Lunch is good, but breakfast can be spotty. Stick to the loaded potatoes if your calorie counter lets you.


  • Convenient midtown location
  • Features work by local artists


  • Wait staff inattentive
  • Watery coffee


  • 7308 Jefferson NE
    (505) 345-9200
  • 6:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday - Friday
    7 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday - Sunday
  • Offers regular breakfast foods alongside New Mexican favorites.
  • Get the Loaded Potatoes.

Guide Review - Millie's, an Albuquerque Restaurant

When my parents still lived in Albuquerque, Millie's was one of their favorite breakfast restaurants. They no longer live here, though, and my visits to Millie's have become less frequent. Unfortunately, it isn't just because my parents have moved away. Millie's no longer satisfies with breakfast like it once did. Their breakfast food has gone from good to average, and their service can be spotty.
The decor is nice, featuring local artists, in a round robin of support for some very good work. The walls in both of the restaurant's large rooms are covered in pastels and oils, some of which are quite good. But for the last two visits to this local breakfast institution, my food has come out to be about average every time. Maybe it's because I haven't ordered the loaded potatoes, a mixture of chunky fried potatoes covered in chile sauce and cheese, warmed to perfection. (The red is vegetarian.)
On my last visit, I ordered the Two Egg Breakfast (5.50), which came with pancakes, two eggs, and hash browns. It also came with bacon, ham or sausage, which I didn't want (being a vegetarian), so when I asked the waitress if it would be less expensive to order each item separately, she said no, and volunteered a side of chile instead. It sounded good, until I got the chile (green) which had, (you guessed it) meat. Unfortunately, I never saw that waitress again, as I had a round robin of waitresses who breezed in and out as quickly as possible, giving me as little attention as they could.
Later, after paying the bill and heading elsewhere, I realized that I had been charged extra for the chile (which I didn't eat) and which was, I thought, a substitute order. It might have been a wash if the breakfast had been good, but I was disappointed. My eggs were undercooked and the hash browns were bland and over-salted. The pancakes were tough.
The times I've visited and ordered the loaded potatoes, though, I wasn't disappointed. The small potato cubes were cooked to a golden brown and the red chile flavorful under a mountain of melted cheese. Unless I order the loaded potatoes or a plain egg and toast breakfast, Millie's disappoints. The food is average and often the eggs are not cooked to order, which requires they be sent back.
Millie's also serves lunch, and the last time I went, I ordered a grilled cheese with apple, which was surprisingly good.
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