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Valentines Day in Albuquerque


Valentine's Day in the Albuquerque area can be as intimate as a quiet dinner for two, or as on top of the world as a ride in a hot air balloon. Find ideas on gifts, packages, restaurants and what Albuquerque has to offer for you and your special someone. Best of all for 2014, Valentine's day is on a Friday, so Valentine specials can sometimes run all weekend long. Here's to romance.

1. Valentine Events

Romance comes in large and small packages, and everything in between. Find special Valentine Day weekend events in Albuquerque.

2. Valentine's Dinner

Many of Albuquerque's restaurants have special menus for Valentine's day or the Valentine weekend. Find a restaurant and create something special.

3. Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

Albuquerque offers some unique and special gifts that are just right for Valentine's day. Here are some top picks.

4. Valentines Hotel Packages

Some of Albuquerque's finest hotels are offering staycation packages for Valentine's day. Why not see if a quick and romantic getaway is what you need?

5. Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

Albuquerque has some inspired places that conjure romance, and some ideas to get you started toward a little romance.

6. Top Romantic Restaurants

Albuquerque has some amazing romantic restaurants, available all year round. But for Valentine's day and Valentine's weekend, they fill up fast, so reserve early.

7. Find Chocolate in Albuquerque

Remember when chocolate was supposed to be bad for you? It's long been considered an aprhodisac, but the word is out that dark chocolate is good for you. From gourmet chocolates to naughty ones, there are places in town to get that craving taken care of.

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