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From classic older areas to modern subdivisions, Albuquerque offers a variety of lifestyles in an array of communities. Discover the neighborhoods, towns and areas around Albuquerque and Central New Mexico.
  1. Downtown Area (8)
  2. Midtown (2)
  3. Nob Hill (4)
  4. North Valley (1)
  5. Northeast (2)
  6. Old Town (5)
  7. Southeast (2)
  8. University (2)
  9. Westside (1)

Barelas Neighborhood
Barelas lies just south of downtown Albuquerque.

Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho is a suburb of Albuquerque but a city in its own right.

The historic village of Corrales, New Mexico has farms, homes, and a thriving small town center.

Neighborhoods in Albuquerque, New Mexico - Albuquerque, New Mexico Ne…
Learn about the diverse neighborhoods in all corners of the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Uptown Hotels in Albuquerque
The hotels in the Uptown area of Albuquerque are conveniently located to the State Fair, downtown, and other parts of the city.

Albuquerque Uptown Neighborhood
The Uptown area of Albuquerque has an array of shops, restaurants and hotels, making it a favorite area for residents and visitors.

High Desert
Albuquerque's High Desert community sits seamlessly against the Sandia Mountains.

Mesa del Sol
Mesa del Sol is a planned community in Albuquerque that emphasizes new urbanism designs.

Taylor Ranch Neighborhood
The Taylor Ranch neighborhood on Albuquerque's near west side is an affordable family oriented area of the city.

Street Food Asia in Albuquerque Nob Hill
Street Food Asia in Albuquerque's Nob Hill features Asian fusion food.

Albuquerque Old Town
Old Town in Albuquerque blends the old with the new in a way that is truly distinctive. Find out more about this cultural hub of the city.

Albuquerque's North Valley
Albuquerque's north valley encompasses a wide geographic region and a semi-rural lifestyle.

Albuquerque South Valley
Albuquerque's south valley provides residents with a rural lifestyle, but lies close enough to the city's center to enjoy its amenities.

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