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Albuquerque Uptown Neighborhood


Albuquerque Uptown Neighborhood
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Why It's Hot:

Uptown has an urban feel, moreso than many other parts of the city. It has a bustling night life, fine restaurants, lots of shopping, and is an easy commute to all points. Albuquerque plans to continue revitalizing the area, which is now sought out as a place not just to visit, but to live.

Uptown Boundaries:

Uptown is roughly bordered by Pennsylvania on the east, San Pedro on the west, Menaul on the north and I-40 on the south.
Although the Uptown area does not have an official neighborhood association, it is listed with the city as a designated area.

Real Estate:

ABQ Uptown Housing offers apartment homes in the heart of the district.
Condos, apartments, townhomes and single family homes are all found within the Uptown neighborhood. The residential homes are modest and affordable, with the majority built in the 1950s and 60s. The area is home to mature landscaping and small parks, as well as shopping.


The Uptown Shopping Center was created as a pedestrian friendly shopping district. Uptown has major department stores such as Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma.
Coronado Mall is the state's largest indoor mall and features more than 150 stores, from specialty to major chains.
The Winrock shopping center's major retailer is Dillard's.
In addition to the shopping centers, there are many smaller shops along Louisiana and Menaul Boulevard. Trader Joe's is the major grocery store, and every Saturday, the Uptown center hosts a Farmer's Market.
A Target is slated to be built at Louisiana and Uptown in the near future.


The Uptown area has a number of well respected hotels.
The Sheraton Uptown is at 2600 Louisiana NE.
The Hyatt Place is located at 6901 Arvada NE.
The Hilton Garden Inn is located at 6501 Americas Parkway NE.
The Marriott is located at 2101 Louisiana NE.
The Hilton Homewood Suites are located at 7101 Arvada NE.


Driving in and out of Uptown is made easy with the major streets such as Louisiana, Menaul, and I-40, which has on/off ramps at Louisiana.
The Uptown Transit Center is located west of Louisiana, off Uptown Blvd. The major bus hub connects to the city's lines.


Restaurants are numerous in the Uptown area. They range from national chains such as Buca de Beppo and California Pizza Kitchen to award winning independent restaurants such as Marcello's Chophouse. Better make a reservation to Marcello's, as this is one of the most sought after destinations in town.

The Essentials:

Post Office: 2505 Graceland NE Zip Code: 87110
Schools: APS Administrative offices are located in the Uptown neighborhood, at 6400 Uptown NE.
Zuni Elementary is located at 6300 Claremont Avenue NE. Zuni is a magnet school for communication and technology. Grant Middle School and Sandia High School serve the area.

Albuquerque Uptown:

Uptown is a popular neighborhood in Albuquerque's northeast heights that has seen an upswing of residents and construction in the past few years. It is conveniently located, close to major traffic arteries, has lots of greenspace and restaurants. There are both residential and rental options. Uptown is the heart of Albuquerque's shopping district. It is also one of the major destinations for incoming tourists.

Although many residents think of the new shopping center when Uptown is mentioned, it is its own neighborhood. The neighborhood came first, the shopping center later. Uptown is a major business center, and is home to Albuquerque's financial district.

Shopping is abundant, Uptown contains both Winrock and Coronado shopping malls and Uptown plaza.

Although the Uptown area is small geographically, it packs a big wallop within a small area. Restaurants, shopping, businesses, hotels, housing are all here. If you seek an urban lifestyle, the Uptown area provides more of that big city feel.

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