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Corrales, New Mexico


Corrales, New Mexico
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Where It Is:

The village of Corrales, New Mexico lies between Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. The Rio Grande runs along the village and delineates its eastern border. On the west and north, it is bounded by Rio Rancho. Albuquerque lies to the south.

Getting There:

The rural bedroom community of Albuquerque is accessible by car. It is along the bosque trails and easily accessed by bike or by foot.


Corrales has its roots in agriculture and history. It maintains a vibrant cultural community, with ongoing festivals, art fairs and the annual harvest fair. Its small size and quiet atmosphere make it a great place to raise a family.

Real Estate:

Real estate in Corrales is a mix of older homes that have been passed through families for generations, to newer, more upscale homes in developed enclaves. It isn't unusual for a trailer to be next to an expensive home. Corrales is a mix of old and new.
Homes range in price from the millions to the 250,000 range. Median prices are about 500,000.


Corrales has some very fine restaurants and also has smaller bistros. Some of its more popular restaurants include Casa Vieja, Village Pizza and Oasis. See a listing of Corrales restaurants.


Corrales has a village center that has art galleries and unique gift shops. Every year in May, the Corrales Studio Tour brings shoppers directly into artist studios for a close look at goods and how they are made.

Its agricultural hub centers around Wagner Farms, where seasonal activities take place, especially at harvest time.
A visit to Corrales wouldn't be complete without a stop in to visit the Village Mercantile.


Corrales has about 7,000 residents and is considered a bedroom community of Albuquerque. There is a post office, a community recreation center, and a summer swimming pool. The Corrales Library has ongoing family programs.
Zip code is 87048.


The village of Corrales is run by a municipal government. There is an elected mayor and six councilors who run in four year, staggered terms.
The Corrales Comment is a semi-monthly community newspaper with local news and information.
The Music in Corrales program brings fine musicians to the village for an annual series of events.


Corrales is served by Albuquerque Public Schools. It has an elementary school, Corrales Elementary, which teaches students in grades K-5. Corrales students feed in to James Monroe Middle School and Cibola High School.

Private schools include Sandia View Elementary and Cottonwood Montessori.


Corrales was incorporated in 1971, but the valley has been occupied since about 500 A.D. Preshistoric sites indicate the area was occupied, as it has been since, providing fertile farmlands for growing grapes, fruits and seasonal vegetables.

The village's agricultural roots remain, and the area is dotted with small farms. The peaceful village provides visitors with the chance to relax and remember another place and time.

Corrales is a wonderful place to visit. Its many cottonwood trees and green pastures make for a relaxing day trip. People who move to Corrales tend to stay.

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