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Summit Park Neighborhood Profile


Summit Park Neighborhood Profile
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Summit Park at a Glance:

Albuquerque's family-friendly Summit Park neighborhood is known for its walkable, tree-lined streets, its large population of children, and its close proximity to UNM, uptown and downtown.

This charming residential area has a mix of older, smaller post-WWII homes as well as many built in the 1950s and 1960s in the flat roofed adobe style.
One of the main attractions for families who reside in Summit Park are the good schools and the close proximity to amenities such as museums, the university, and shopping centers.

Summit Park on the Map:

Summit Park stretches from Indian School on the north to Carlisle on the east. Lomas marks the southern border and Girard marks its border on the west.

Summit Park Transportation:

Nearby I-40 provides a conduit to crosstown traffic, and buses run down Lomas and Carlisle.
City bus lines #5 and #11 serve the area.

Summit Park Schools:

Montezuma Elementary
3100 Indian School NE
Jefferson Middle School
712 Girard Blvd NE
The neighborhood feeds into Albuquerque High School.

Summit Park Real Estate:

There are no apartment complexes in Summit Park, though rental homes are available and popular with college students.
The average home price in Summit Park is $287,000.

Summit Park Restaurants:

Summit Park has a New Mexican restaurant, Padilla's, on Girard, and a fast food Chinese restaurant, Lucky Boy, on Constitution.

Summit Park Activities and Attractions:

Every Halloween, the neighborhood puts on a Halloween Glow. Families gather at Summit Park with carved or decorated pumpkins, which are lined around the center of the park. Children are given candy and glow sticks, and the chance to mingle and interact with other costumed children.


Bataan Park at Lomas and Amherst offers a walking trail, lots of shady trees, and a Bataan memorial. There is one picnic table, but with its shady trees and grass, this is a great park for picnics.
Summit Park at Constitution and Richmond has picnic tables, a basketball court and playground equipment. With a lot of tall trees, there are plenty of spots for shade, and a lot of park benches.

Summit Park Essentials:

Zip Code: 87106
The Summit Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA) is very active, and sponsors the annual Halloween Glow at Summit Park.
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