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Get to Know the Neighborhoods of Albuquerque


Albuquerque neighborhoods offer a faceted view of the city. Each has a distinctive flavor, and many offer special places to eat, to shop and to spend leisure time. Find out what makes each area of the Duke City unique.
  1. Northeast Heights
  2. Westside
  3. Nob Hill
  4. Downtown: The District
  5. Old Town
  1. University Area
  2. Sawmill
  3. Los Ranchos
  4. North Valley
  5. Corrales

Northeast Heights

High Desert Home

The northeast heights sweeps from the foothills to downtown. Comprised of many small neighborhoods, it grew over the decades until the foothills that were once open spaces now have many homes. A variety of districts make up the largest geographic portion of Albuquerque.


The westside of Albuquerque has suburban neighborhoods, fantastic views of the city and the Sandias, and plenty of parks and open space.

Nob Hill

Nob Hill has an urban feel and a penchant for the offbeat, which makes it quintessential Albuquerque. Its many shops, restaurants, bars, and galleries draw visitors from all parts of the city.

Downtown: The District

Picture yourself in downtown Albuquerque, also known as the District. It's where the past meets the present along old Route 66, keeping one foot in the road culture of the route's heyday and another in the youthful, trendy present. Downtown Albuquerque offers visitors a fun and funky range of styles.

Old Town

The adobe buildings that were once homes have become the shops and galleries of Old Town. Come visit a part of the Old West.

University Area

The area surrounding the University of New Mexico is packed with student housing and the kinds of youthful shops and businesses that college students need. But more than that, university neighborhood offers a sense of history and streets that are friendly and walkable.


The Sawmill neighborhood lies north of Old Town and serves as an extension to the tourist destination, with plenty of museums and restaurants. Find out more about this area, which was once home to workers at an area sawmill.

Los Ranchos

The village of Los Ranchos contains a lot of history and a great deal of charm. It lies along the Rio Grande and provides recreational opportunities as well as unique shops and some of the area's most popular restaurants.

North Valley

Albuquerque's north valley contains a bit of country and city both. It has horses and farms dotting the landscape, as well as urban areas vibrant with theater, galleries, restaurants and shops.


The village of Corrales lies between Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. It's a small community that packs a big wallop, with art galleries, cultural events, and festivals all year long.

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