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San Pasquals


San Pasquals
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The Bottom Line

San Pasquals in Albuquerque's Old Town has southwestern decor with a lot of style. Find whimsical as well as handmade items in this specialty shop.


  • Southwestern items for the home
  • Kitschy items for the home
  • Sales items rotate out often


  • Easy Spending


  • 2113 Church St. NW
    Old Town, Albuquerque, NM 87104
    (505) 243-6049
  • Open Daily
    10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Find a good selection of southwestern items, from retablos to carved San Pasquals in different sizes.
  • Kitchen dinnerware includes hand thrown pottery and crockery.
  • Kitchen items are fun and whimsical, not your standard fare.

Guide Review - San Pasquals

At San Pasquals in Albuquerque's Old Town, you'll find a lot of items devoted to the shop's namesake. San Pasqual is the patron saint of cooks and the kitchen. He also has dibs on protecting sheep and shepherds. In New Mexico, he is often depicted with a spoon or a fish in hand, getting ready to cook, or coming in from a good day of fishing. Either way, he's a fun guy to have around the house. He's often found in southwestern kitchen on retablos, a form of folk art.

San Pasquals offers a lot of options for tourists, but locals love to shop here too. There are home furnishings and lots of decorative items with a southwestern theme. The shop is inside a 300 year old building and has a lot of charm in its own right, situated on tiny Church Street, between the Christmas Shop and the Church Street Cafe.

I love this shop. Not only does it have the kind of southwestern decor I would use in my own home, such as retablos of San Pasqual for the kitchen, but it also has fun, vintage items and handmade pottery. Most of the items are kitchen related, and include furniture, dishes, table linens and artwork.

They also carry a good selection of whimsy. Where else can you find a watering can that looks like a giraffe, or a life sized wooden statue of San Pasqual? The San Pasquals in the shop are made from local cottonwood and are hand carved by artist Peter Ortega.

One of my favorite spots to check is in the store's back area, where a cabinet displays sale items. Find candles and linens at reduced prices, perfect for small holiday presents.

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