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Routes will be moving a few blocks west to Old Town Plaza on May 1, 2014.

1102 Mountain Road NW, Suite 101
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 933-5667
Routes Rentals & More is on Mountain Road in the Wells Park area, near downtown and Old Town.

Routes Rentals & Tours:

Routes Rentals & Tours in Albuquerque offers visitors and locals a chance to see the town in one of the best ways possible: from the seat of a bike. Rent a bike and get into the heart of any Albuquerque neighborhood.

Whether you're an active recreation enthusiast or a tourist who enjoys visiting a city with a zoomed in view, this business offers everything that's needed. You'll find the bike itself, the route planning that will get you there, and everything else you need to enjoy your pedal powered trip.

Albuquerque offers plenty of room to stretch your wheels and pedal. With over 180 square miles of diverse geography and more than 400 miles of bike paths and trails, seeing the city on bike is an accessible and healthy option. With the sunny, warm weather the city offers, biking has always been popular with enthusiasts. Now it is possible for visitors and local tourists alike.

The business has done the research for you, and offers route maps to some of the city's more popular destinations, with distances equated in bicycle time. Getting from the shop to downtown takes about 15 minutes, or to the Sandia foothills, about 90 minutes.

How It Works:
Rent by the hour, half day or full day.
Special tours are available all year: Balloon Fiesta tour, Free Ride to Grower's Market, Valentine's tour and more. There are luminaria tours available during the holiday season.
Rent the type of bike that suits you best: cruiser, mountain, kid's or tandems.
Pickup and delivery are available.
Reservations can be made online or by phone.
Weekly rates are available.

What You Get:
Each rental comes with a helmet, bike lock, bottle holder and handlebar bag. You'll also get a customized map of bike routes and attractions in Albuquerque.

Rental Rates:
Rates are hourly, half day (four hours) or full day.

  • Cruisers are $15/hour, $20 half-day, $35 for a full day.
  • Mountain bikes are $20 half-day, $35 for a full day.
  • Kid's bikes are $15 half day and $25 for a full day.
  • Tandems are $35 for a half day, $50 for a full day.


Other accessories are available for rent, so if you've got a toddler in tow, don't fret it. They have trailers, hitches, baskets, lights, coolers, computers, GPS units, bags and more.

For winter excursions, there are snowshoe rentals available.
Routes Rentals & More also has a gift shop.

For more about bike and snowshoe rentals, visit the Routes Rentals & Tours website.

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