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Beeps in Albuquerque Nob Hill

Easy to Find Unusual Gifts


Beeps in Albuquerque Nob Hill

Sample the Unusual at Beeps

By Aileen O'Catherine
You're in Albuquerque shopping for the perfect present for cousin Joan and the usual just won't do. Head to Beeps in Nob Hill and find just what you're looking for. Beeps features practical items with a touch of whimsy, and is a fun place to browse even if you aren't on the lookout for cousin Joan.

The jewelry at Beeps is one of a kind, and handmade by local artists. There are bottlecap necklaces, hand turned wire earrings, and crafted silver rings. The beadwork at Beeps is unusual as well, and affordable.

Unusual Gifts with a Sense of Fun
The inexpensive gifts focus on fun, such as the votive candles that have messages to the love lorn or the goddess of menopause instead of prayers to Guadalupe. There are functional household items, such as the dustpan with a face, or the stapler that looks like a ladybug. If you need a comb, brush, toothbrush or office product that needs to have a bit of zing, Beeps is the place to find it.

Cards and stationery are often handmade by local artists, and the selection is wide but not overwhelming. Offbeat is key here, with a funny saying inside, or sometimes out. Journals and wrapping paper, come in great designs and are always more than ordinary.

This is my favorite shop for kid gifts as well. From baby toys to retro trucks to funny piggy banks, there are shelves of choices.

Getting There
Park in the Nob Hill parking area just off Central, in the front of the store, or find a space in the free parking lot in the back. Metered and marked spaces require payment. The free lots are a best bet, and give ample time to browse the other great shops Nob Hill has to offer.

3500 Central NE
(505) 262-1900

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